Black supremacist Holder stood up in church, mocked President Trump for his skin color, and claimed America wants a return to Obama regulation and communism…

It’s not surprising that, being the hypocritical racist social parasite that he is, Eric Holder would be mocking President Trump for his skin color, calling him “orange man.”  No Republican would dare criticize Holder for his skin color nor would most have any desire to do so.

As a Democrat Holder has the advantage of not being restricted by morals, sincerity, integrity or honesty and of not being held accountable for his actions by the media. He expressed his relief that now, as a racist, America-hating globalist who is outside of the White House, he’s able to speak publicly the way he only used to be able to talk in private. He can let his racist commie flag wave for all to see.

In an interview at the Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church in Richmond ,VA, Holder, who is equally responsible with Hussein Obama for the increase in racial tensions they fabricated for political purposes beginning with Ferguson, also criticized President Trump as “empowering neo-Nazis and white nationalists.”

Holder said, “You don’t do [talk on the record] politics when you’re attorney general, but as a private citizen and as a defender of the [horrendous] Obama legacy, I’m free to say what I want and to say it in the way that I’d like to.”

Racist Holder said, “I probably would not have [attacked Republicans like] that while I was attorney general. I didn’t have an orange man who I was serving under, but, I mean, I would not have said that about a former president, for instance, while I was attorney general. But now, I’m just a citizen and I’ve got the full range of my voice back.”

The black supremacist also told the church congregants that Mr. Northam’s battle with Republican Ed Gillespie in Virginia was important because “debts have to be repaid.” He said, “We need to send Donald Trump a message. You’re telling Donald Trump that’s not the America I want. We want the America of Barack Obama.”

While it’s understandable that lazy parasites who want something for nothing, who simply want to be able to live off of the fruits of other people’s labor, would support that kind of divisive idiocy emanating from the oral sewer on the front of Holder’s head, there are lots of folks who actually welcome the prospect of being able to work and earn a good living for themselves.

They’re starting to realize productivity and opportunity are better than a life sentence to Obama-style cradle to grave communism.

Holder said, “The president sets a moral tone, and I think in that regard President Trump has not done the job we expect of our leaders [this from a defender of ‘moral’ abortion on-demand]. The election of Barack Obama did not magically transform us as a people and eradicate bigotry, eradicate neo-Nazis and white nationalists. They were still there, but they didn’t feel empowered in a way that I think they do now.”

Actually the bigots were inside the Obama administration and in its support organization, the Democratic Party. In that regard they felt and were much more empowered and dangerous when they had Hussein Obama, one of their own, in the White House.  The Islamo-fascists were much more empowered as well. As a black supremacist and agitator, Holder believes that whites are responsible for everything bad, and even more so the random “orange skinned villain.”


Asked if supposed empowerment of non-black, non-brown bigots was the President’s fault, Holder naturally replied, “I think partially. It’s not totally. I can’t put it all on him, [although that’s exactly what he’s doing] but I think in answer to your earlier question — ‘Is this a different America?’ — I think we’re going to know on the basis of the election we see here in Virginia [on Nov. 7], what happens in the midterms in 2018, and ultimately what happens in 2020.”

At his black heart Holder is demonstrating that he’s still a coward who hides behind deception and insinuation with the occasional revealing comment thrown in when he can’t resist. It’s the racists on the left that mock skin color, not Republicans. They are the bigots who truly hate this country and the white people who built it. Eric Holder is far from unique. He’s just prominent, and particularly loathsome.


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