Trump Just Made Stealth Move Against Sharia Law In 18 States – This Is Huge

Anti-Sharia law legislation has been controlling state legislatures all over the nation. No doubt emboldened by the President’s support due to their agendas and initiatives. In 2017 alone there have been approximately 23 new pieces of legislation which were introduced in 18 various states that would crack down on sharia law implementation in the United States.

If taken into consideration jointly that brings the total number of legislative efforts regarding anti-sharia law legislation to a total of 217 in 43 distinct countries over an eight-year interval since 2010. All based on the Haas Institute in the University of California at Berkeley. The Institute specifically records and monitors this kind of legislation throughout the nation.


“But Elsadig Elsheikh, manager of the international justice program at the Haas Institute that completed the study, said the purpose of the invoices was to spread fear about Muslims living in America and to depict them as untrustworthy and out of step with American values.

“Even though these statements don’t become law they assist subject Muslims to surveillance and other types of discrimination and exclusion,” he said.

All but one of those bills have been introduced by Republicans. The exception was in Idaho where a committee with an unidentified party affiliation was supporting the movement.

Heidi Beirich, a specialist on anti-Muslim hate groups at the Southern Poverty Law Center, sees the rash of state bills as evidence the provocative language coming out of Trump’s circle is having an effect. “At the country level, the number one drive for anti-Muslim activists is anti-sharia invoices. It is a recurrent effort”

Trump himself called for all Muslims to be baneded from entering the US when he was a presidential candidate, a belief he has just barely tempered in his drive for a travel ban on several majority-Muslim countries.

A number of the individuals he chose as key consultants also have a contentious track record. Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist in the White House, once wrote a film script that warned of the nation turning into the”Islamic States of America”.

The short lived national security adviser Michael Flynn known as Islamism that a”barbarous call ****r” inside all

Muslims that must be”excised”, while former White House aide Sebastian Gorka was once fired from the FBI as a counter-terrorism lecturer for his Islamophobic views.”

Nearly all the first legislation came about after the backlash over the potential mosque that people wanted to make downtown Manhattan just blocks away from Ground Zero.

Now the laws is focusing on calling out”foreign laws” and the way they need to be prohibited in American court jurisdictions. A very clear chance to sharia law that is being implemented in specific areas of the USA.

The Guardian continued on with the story,

“Given Trump’s contentious leadership, a few monitors had expected to find an even larger surge in the amount of bills in 2017 which climbed from 14 final year but did not reach the 2011 peak in the aftermath of the Manhattan controversy of 56 pieces of legislation, even according to the Haas Institute.

“Considering that the support coming from the highest office in the land, we expected to see a much greater increase in anti-sharia legislation at state level,” Elsheikh said.

He added that a combination of legal challenges and hot protest not by Muslims themselves had been dampening the impact of this Islamophobe movement. “There’s been a wholesome mobilization of the Muslim community that are getting more engaged and less apologetic, particularly second-generation Muslims. They’re more determined to demand their rights,” he said.”

Whether or not it is politically correct or not the law of this American property is what should be followed and maintained. There is no room for anything else.

Any other legislation that try to either usurp or interfere with American laws should be deemed illegal as it creates an issue with cross-jurisdiction issues.

Which is exactly why the Trump administration has made this a priority.

Not because they’re racist. The attempt to depict the present government as xenophobic, transphobic, sexist, misogynistic, women-hating, kid k*****gram, amoral psychopaths, and every other title in the book is getting old. The Trump derangement syndrome must end .

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