BREAKING: Chilling New Details Emerge In The Seth Rich Investigation

The investigation into the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich has gone totally untouched by the mainstream media. Coincidence after coincidence continues to permeate the airwaves within the Rich investigation, yet the media has tapped it as nothing more than a “ridiculous right-wing conspiracy theory.”

Tonight, a massive new allegation hit social media via a livestream.

On August 12th, Matt Couch released a tweet about the new bombshell information he obtained from a very credible source:

“BREAKING: Two High Profile Level Washington D.C. Elites were at the Hospital at almost the same time, or within minutes of Seth Rich’s arrival via ambulance. We’re giving these people one week to come forward, before we name them. We want to talk to you, you’re elected BTW :)”

America First Media Group’s Matt Couch explained the new allegations against two high ranking Democrats.

According to the America First Media Group:

Within the last two weeks America First Media Group received credible information from one of our highly reliable sources. We have learned that two high ranking members of the Democratic Party were at the Hospital the night Seth Rich was murdered. We’ve also learned they were there at almost the same time he was brought in via ambulance.


We gave said parties a week to come forward and do the right thing and explain why they were there. At this time they have not came forward to do the right thing. We will now name these parties as promised. The two were, in fact, former DNC Head Donna Brazile and current Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

We would like to know why they were at the Hospital for a “DNC Staffer” as the Mainstream Media continues to call Seth Conrad Rich.

Watch below:

Many on the right have been claiming Rich was murdered by the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s hitman for leaking the emails exposing DNC corruption and collusion to Wikileaks.

On the left, that “conspiracy theory” has been denounced and apparently “debunked” without actually being debunked.

Democrats have relentlessly claimed Russia hacked their emails, but have refused to let the FBI investigate their servers.

Now, to a few of the many coincidences:

It’s an amazing coincidence that the Mayor of Washington D.C. and the head of the DNC were at the Hospital at the exact same time. It’s an amazing coincidence that Police can’t locate the body cams following the murder. It’s an amazing Coincidence that the GM of Lou’s City Bar Joe Capone, Mayor Bowser, Washington D.C. Police Privacy Officer all visited the White House right before or after Seth Rich’s Murder.


But if those are just coincidences, many questions remain: Who killed Seth Rich? What did Seth Rich know? Why did the Washington D.C. police do nothing about it? Where is the body cam footage or any footage at all?


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